Do you have a sore spot on the bridge of your nose? An irritation just behind your ear? Are you constantly pushing your eyeglasses back up your nose?

These are some of the problems that can be resolved with an eyeglass adjustment. When you purchase new eyewear, your eyecare professional should fit your frame so they rest comfortably over your nose, on your temples, and behind your ears. If your eyecare provider just hands you your glasses and says “Here you go!” they are not eyecare professionals. Custom fitting of your frame is essential to a proper fit and maximizing your vision through your prescription lenses by aligning the lenses properly to your eyes.

Sometimes several adjustments are necessary to achieve the ideal fit and comfort. Like new shoes, its hard to tell how they will feel until you wear them for a while. Never hesitate to go back as needed to have them realigned.

Even the best made ophthalmic frames will lose their adjustment with time. This is normal and occurs to both metal and plastic frames. It’s usually due to normal wear and use, but accidents and temperature changes can also bring the frames out of alignment.

Special bending tools and warming pans are used to bring frames back to their comfortable selves. Periodic adjustments by a skilled optician will give you more comfortable glasses and better vision.

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