A Common Problem In AZ Experiencing dry eyes is a pretty common complaint in our dry climate. Combine that with allergies and many people have a very uncomfortable problem.

The first step to treating dry eyes is a comprehensive exam from your optometrist to diagnose what exactly is going on with your eyes. There are other conditions that can masquerade as dry eye and/or allergies. After the doctor has analyzed your symptoms and given you a diagnoses, there are several different approaches to dry eye disease.

Eye drops are commonly used to relieve symptoms but there are many kinds of over the counter drops available and your doctor can direct you to the most effective for your particular eye’s needs. Sometimes prescription drops are needed.

Omega 3 supplements are often suggested for an internal aide in balanced tear production. Punctal plugs are sometimes inserted in the tear ducts to help distribute tears properly.

Often dry eye symptom relief can be gained with an eye compress treatment pack. These packs can be applied warm for approximately 10 minutes at a time to help increase lipids and tear break-up time. They pull moisture from the air and are heated in the microwave so there is no mess and they come with a washable cover. Application helps with dry eye disease, blepharitis, chalazion (eyelid cysts) and their associated symptoms of grittiness, irritation, soreness and burning.

These eye compresses can also be put in the freezer and used cold for hay fever and allergies, inflammation, tired and itchy eyes, puffy and sore eyes, sinus headache and migraine relief. Used warmed or cooled, they just plain feel good!

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