Transitions are everyday lenses that enhance your regular pair of glasses by darkening outdoors and fading back indoors. These lenses will achieve different levels of darkness outdoors, depending on the intensity of ultraviolet exposure and cloud cover. Wearing a brimmed hat will lessen the ability of the lens to fully darken and high temperatures also inhibit the lens darkness. There are several varieties of Transitions.

Transitions “Signature” lenses begin to darken instantly - as soon as you step outdoors. Fadeback time is faster than any other Transitions series lenses and returns to a virtually clear state. Since ultraviolet light activates the lens, they do not darken in the car. These lenses are available in gray, brown and graphite green.

Transitions “ExtraActive” achieves a darker state outdoors and activate partially in the car. They always retain some color indoors which can be helpful to shield eyes sensitive to fluorescent or other bright indoor lights.

Transitions “Vantage” lenses are the only lens with variable polarization which adjusts to match the level of outdoor glare. They polarize as they darken which is very effective around water and pavement. Polarization allows for more vibrant and vivid colors and less glare. The Vantage lenses do retain a light tint indoors. These lenses are only produced in gray.

Transitions “Drivewear" is a sunglass lens that starts as an olive green shade and darkens to copper and then brown, depending on the intensity of light and weather conditions. These lenses are also polarized to reduce glare and optimize color contrast.

Not all series of Transitions lens are available in all materials or lens designs, so check with your eyecare professional on the availability in your individual prescription and lens type.

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