DOGS: A dog’s vision mostly detects browns, blues and yellows. They have fewer color-detecting cells in the retina and cannot differentiate between as many colors. Their peripheral field of vision is approximately 250 degrees compared to the human field of about 180 degrees. A dog’s visual acuity is around 20/50 compared to our ideal 20/20. Which means a dog would probably not pass a driver’s vision test!

CATS: Cats are mostly able to detect browns, blues and yellows, similar to dogs. They have a field of vision of around 200 degrees which again, is better than humans. Their visual acuity at a distance comes in around 20/75….definitely failing a drivers vision test! But their night vision is much better than humans.

HORSES: A horse can see greens and blue, but most of their sight is in grey. Because horses eyes are on opposite sides of their head, they have excellent peripheral vision but with a blind spot right in front of their noses! Their vision is monocular (meaning they only see with one eye at a time) and their acuity is around 20/30.

BIRDS: Birds can see ultraviolet light and a much wider spectrum of colors than humans can. Most birds have a 340 degree field of vision. Birds of prey have excellent visual acuity and can see 4 to 5 times further than humans can.

SHARKS: Sharks have little to no ability to see colors. They have a 360 degree field of vision. Their eyes work to let in as much light as possible allowing them to see 10 times better than humans in dark and murky water.

INSECTS: Most insects can see higher frequencies of light than humans can, such as ultraviolet, (like birds) but cannot see red, which is at a lower frequency. Most insects see through hundreds or even thousands of tiny lenses, giving them almost 360 degree vision. That’s why it’s so hard to sneak up on and swat those pesky flies!

Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits! Have a beautiful spring!!

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