Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I give pause for gratitude. What a precious gift we have in sight. I am so very grateful that I am still able to see 20/20 with corrective lenses. I know how fortunate I am, as there are so many people who have compromised vision and eye health problems.

Imagine not being able to see a sunrise or sunset. Imagine not being able to see your children’s and grandchildren’s faces. Imagine not being able to see the colors of flowers or leaves on trees. Imagine not being able to see the ocean waves. Imagine not being able to see the print and pictures in books. Imagine having to rely on others to drive you where you need to go. Imagine only being able to listen to a movie.

Sometimes we take for granted the very senses that enable us to function and enjoy so much in our world. I believe that of all our senses, vision would be the worst to lose.

Have a comprehensive eye exam yearly. There is so much more than merely checking our vision that is done in a thorough eye exam. Many eye diseases that rob us of our sight have no obvious symptoms in the beginning, and once the damage has occurred there is often no getting it back. Take time to care for your eyes.

We hope your Thanksgiving is loaded with laughter, good food and loving family and friends!

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