A new on-line resource has been launched for people living with age-related macular degeneration. The new site is specifically designed for the visually impaired with an increased font size and distinctive color contrast between different elements within the site, helping the approximately 16 million patients in the USA with AMD.

AMD is a progressive eye condition that impacts central vision and is the leading cause of vision loss in adults aged 50 and older. Symptoms associated with AMD may impair an individual’s ability to conduct daily tasks such as driving, reading, computer and television use, and recognizing the faces of loved ones.

By having access to personalized tips and tools, patients will be able to take charge of their condition through a singular resource that is clear, concise and offers actionable content as opposed to the often dense and overwhelming information currently available. Patients also will have an opportunity to join a supportive online community of others living with AMD. Patients can receive a personalized plan to understand the changes needed in their daily lives and how to check for signs and symptoms of AMD to help reduce their risk of progression of the disease.

We continue to stress the importance of yearly exams. Early stage AMD often does not present any symptoms or changes in vision, thus the critical need to check now versus later to catch AMD early.

Although there is no cure for AMD, there are steps patients can take as part of a plan created with their doctor to help reduce the risk of progression. These steps include stopping smoking, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy diet, and taking specific eye nutrient supplements. is produced by Bausch and Lomb in conjunction with Prevent Blindness.

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