Vision plays a central role in your child’s life. It’s the primary way children find out about the world around them. In fact, about 80% of what adults and children learn is through the eyes. Yet many children have undetected vision problems.

When kids aren’t seeing their best, they’re not performing their best. Undiagnosed vision problems can hurt a child’s performance in school by having difficulty reading, seeing in the classroom, playing sports, art and music. Kids with vision problems can also suffer headaches, low self-esteem or frustration and have socializing issues.

Just like check-ups with their pediatrician and trips to the dentist, bringing your child in for an annual eye exam is an important way to help him/her stay well.

Kids don’t always know how they’re supposed to be able to see, therefore they don’t know they’re not seeing their best. Because you cannot look through your child’s eyes, it’s impossible for you to judge how well he or she sees.

Pre-school and school vision screenings are helpful, but at their best they only uncover vision deficiencies that are already quite advanced and statistically they can miss up to 60% of serious problems that a comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist would catch.

Eye exams should be done every year. Children’s vision can change rapidly, just as their bodies are growing and developing rapidly. In order for them to see their best and do their best in the classroom, on the sports field, and even socially it is critical that they see their best. Don’t wait until the school year is already advancing and leaving your child behind due to vision deficiencies - make your appointments now so there is plenty of time to order eyewear if needed.

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