Signs of Vision Problems in Kids

Being able to see clearly is key to student’s academic success. 1 in 4 students in the U.S. has an undiagnosed vision problem significant enough to impair academic performance.

We hear firsthand from students who didn’t know they were seeing the world any differently from anyone else - they thought their vision was normal or didn’t know how to articulate the challenges they were experiencing.

Here are some common signs of vision issues in children.

Trouble focusing on the board

Difficulty reading

Holding objects close to their face

Frequent eye rubbing or blinking

Avoiding eye contact with others

Not recognizing or responding to others from a distance Tripping, falling, or running into things

Restlessness and wandering attention


Covering one eye

Tilting the head to one side

Difficulty telling colors apart

Crossed eyes or eyes not focusing together/pointing different directions

Light sensitivity

So many children feel inadequate because they can’t keep up with other kids in class, when the real problem is their vision. Have your child’s vision checked today!

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