When you can purchase anything from a major appliance to a pair of shoes or even a new car from your computer or iPad or even your smartphone, why do we still not offer our eyewear for purchase at antoneoptical.com?

We firmly believe that eyewear MUST be selected, fitted and adjusted in person.  When you purchase eyewear from your local licensed optician, we have the opportunity to advise on the fit of the eyewear, the size of the frame, the width of the bridge, the suitability of that particular frame for your individual prescription lenses and what lens material and lens treatments will work best with your correction.

Also, when eyewear is purchased at Antone Optical, your frame will be professionally and custom fitted for you.  This custom fitting is not optional, it is essential for the proper alignment of the optics of the lenses with your eyes and the comfort of the fit.

When someone stops in to ask us to adjust eyewear they purchased online, we feel terrible when we have to tell them no amount of adjustment will ever make that frame fit properly.  Not to mention that its just downright scary to try to adjust a frame at the quality level of a $95.00 pair of glasses without it breaking!

This scenario is played out daily all across the country as consumers are lured to online outlets with promises of great service and value.  “Great service” meaning unlimited exchanges.  Which of course also means unlimited emails, phone calls and trips to the post office as you struggle to find a comfortable and proper fitting frame via numerous returns and exchanges.  And even though on the screen they didn’t look too big, when you put them on they look huge!  And “value” of course is being okay with swapping quality of the product for ZERO personalized service and a low price.  Of course, there’s also the question of “Why can’t I see out of these very well?”.

At Antone Optical, we are known for our selection of frames and the highest quality of lenses and our pursuit of providing the utmost in personalized care, so we just can’t settle for less than the best in customer service or quality of our products.  

We can’t wait to see you at Antone Optical!




 Why We Don't Sell Eyewear Online 

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